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KölnAlumni weltweit:

Deutschlandjahr Sail to the Statue of Liberty to mark the closing of the campaign “Wunderbar Together”

Deutschland Ambassadors Initiative has brought together alumni and friends of prominent German universities for a series of talks and networking events in the United States. From a science talk in Austin, to politics in Madison and most recently celebrating Oktoberfest in Columbus, our DAI events have attracted a wide variety of networks who share a common relationship to Germany and have therefore joined a growing network of members from diverse backgrounds, ages and professions.

To wrap up this year of friendship, the universities invite you to a very special evening sail aboard Clipper City. Originally the boat was built as a lumber schooner just prior to the Civil War. Our Clipper City was rebuilt from the original plans, on loan from the Smithsonian Institution, and recently refurbished.

Please register only if you intend to participate as space is limited.

We are very much looking forward to sail with you.


Dr. Eva Bosbach
Executive Director
University of Cologne New York Office
871 UN Plaza
New York, NY 10017, USA
Tel.: +1 212 758 5893